LIR 832 Fall 2005 MId-term Examination

LIR 832 Fall 2005 MId-term Examination - LIR 832: Mid-term...

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Page 1 of 14 LIR 832: Mid-term Exam: Fall, 2005 A Few Comments: I regret not being with you during the exam tonight. My wife is away on assignment and I don’t want to leave the kid units with a babysitter two nights in a row. Helping with a review session seemed more important than begin in the room during the exam. Ryan will procter and can call me by cell phone if there are issues with the exam. 1. Remember to put your name on the exam. 2. Partial credit is only possible if you show your work. If you don’t show your work, its either right or wrong. 3. If you are not sure what you should be doing (e.g.: use a population or sample formula), explain your choice. If you are right, thats fine. If you are wrong, at least you have signaled the grader (your esteemed professor), that you understood there was an issue. You may even persuade me. Either way, I know that you haven’t gone blithely down a false path. 4. There are two extra credit problems worth a total of 15 points. There go a bit beyond the material covered in lecture, see what you can do with them. 5. The formula sheet has been expanded to allow for materials that were in the notes but were not covered in class (and may be incorporated into the extra credit problems). 6. If you run out of space on a sheet, you can use the back of the preceding sheet for your work.
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Page 2 of 14 LIR 832: Mid-term Examination: Fall, 2005 Each Problem is worth 20 points. Answer five of the six problems. Problems should be answered as thoroughly as you are able. Partial credit on problems is only possible if I can locate errors in your calculations; neatness and organization of your answers is essential Remember, answer only five of the six problems, if you chose to answer all, I will select the five with the lowest scores. 1. Employee morale is affected by working conditions and amenities at the work site. Although it is possible to over do the amenities, better conditions – lunchrooms that are clean and have enough space for the lunch rush, sufficient numbers of clean bathrooms, good ventilation and temperature control – can be shown to improve employees views of work and employee performance. Although it seems silly, bathrooms play a critical role in employee attitudes and the efficiency of a workplace. If there is too little bathroom space (aka, number of toilets), people spend considerable time waiting for a toilet. They are typically not happy about this and work time is lost while multiple employees wait. On the other hand, bathrooms are expensive both in terms of direct cost, floor space and cleaning time (the only thing worse than waiting for a toilet is waiting for a dirty toilet). We are planning a new work site with about 100 employees. The planners for the site have asked about bathroom size and the number of toilets. Our records indicate that, on average , 3 toilets are in use at any one time (don’t ask how we know this).
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LIR 832 Fall 2005 MId-term Examination - LIR 832: Mid-term...

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