The Job Search Process

The Job Search Process - The Job Search Process How should...

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The Job Search Process How should I begin my job search? - Knowing what you want so that you know where you are headed; persistence - actively marketing yourself and following up and following through on your contacts; and substantial amounts of time. - Know what you have to offer an employer - Know what employers want - Identify and target employers that will utilize your skills and education - Develop effective job search tools (i.e., resumes, cover letters and interview skills) - Make initial and follow up contacts with employers - NETWORK - Interview for jobs Approaches - Internet job posting - Personal contact/networking - Ads in newspapers - Employee referrals/Employee referral program - Online or Web site job applications - Headhunters - Be active: classified ads, employment web sites, networking, in-person employer visits, career fairs - Be passive: post resume to employment web sites, targeted mailing, employment agency, head hunter Focusing - Don’t take just any job because you feel desperate. - Semester is ending and the internship is not set yet - Graduation is looming and finding a full-time job is expected - Downsizing hit and there is a need to find another job fast - Staying in the same job much longer is not viable for simple mental health Career Counseling - You do not have to do this alone. The career services office on your campus or counselors in your community who specialize in career-related issues can offer the appropriate support for you throughout the job search process. Tools for Self Assessment Career counselors can help you explore a self assessment, and one of the resources available to them for getting you started is e-DISCOVER, a computer assisted guidance system (CAGS). It is an online tool designed to help you gather and organize information that will help you make informed decisions about your career plans. Essentially, you complete interest, abilities, and values inventories and e-DISCOVER helps you identify occupations that appear to be a good fit based on your profile. -
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The Job Search Process - The Job Search Process How should...

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