LIR 832 SPRING 2007 Computer Problem Set 1

LIR 832 SPRING 2007 Computer Problem Set 1 - LIR 832...

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LIR 832: Computer Problem set #1 Spring, 2007 How to do computer problem sets: 1. Problem sets can be done and turned in as a group of two. 2. If you are not able to make progress on a step in a problem set in 15 minutes and are becoming frustrated, take a break. You aren’t going to solve it by hitting your head against the problem time and time again. Take a break, let your mind stew over the problem, talk with someone else about it. 3. The content of the homework is important and should be readily accessible to the grader. Show your work (typically this will be the log file from MINITAB), answer the questions and compose any graphs carefully. For example, the proper labeling and structuring of graphs is important, graphs should convey information in a compact and readily accessible form. 3. Although neatness is encouraged, this class is about substance more than presentation. It is important to show your work so that I can review any errors and make suggestions on how to correct them However, neatly laying out the graph on a page and making any text flow around it, a la corporate reports, is not important to this class.
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Learning to Use Minitab Use the 20 percent subsample for managers and professionals for this assignment. This can be downloaded from the course datasets and links web page. We will be working with three variables from the managers and professionals data set: uhour1 (usual hours on the main job), gender and race. You will want to download and print out the Unicon Codebook. This codebook has detailed information on all of the variables in the data set. You will need this to understand and answer the questions. 1. Before we can begin working with data, we need to learn about the variables and understand how we can use them. Review the codebook for uhour1, gender and race and answer the following questions. a. What values can gender take on? Is gender a qualitative or quantitative variable? What values does race take on? Is it qualitative or quantitative? Explain your answer. b. Although both of these variables are numeric, it may be more useful to turn them into text (name) variables. The recode function is under Data . Data < Code numeric to text (Note that you can either give the “new” column a name or specify a column location. If you do the first, MINITAB will toss the new column somewhere out to the right. If you do the second, you can place the new column closer to your data, but you then need to go into the worksheet and put a name in) Recode each variable to a text variable with the following categories: Gender: (call this Sex) Man Woman Race (call this Racetxt) White African-American Native American Asian You may be creative about the actual text assigned to each outcome. Which numeric values are associated with each outcome ?
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LIR 832 SPRING 2007 Computer Problem Set 1 - LIR 832...

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