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BIO 111L Article Summary - Ralph Catalano and Tim Bruckner...

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Ralph Catalano and Tim Bruckner May 2006 “Male Lifespan and Secondary Sex Ratio” American Journal of Human Biology, Volume 18, Issue 6 (online) bin/fulltext/113395749/PDFSTART
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This article seemed to be an interesting choice to me, probably because I just happen to be a male and it concerns the male lifespan. Something to look into if one is worried about a short life, I say. Basically, this article is about just that, the male lifespan. That is, of course, in addition to how we balance out against the other sex in terms of the sex ratio of “cohorts.” Both the male lifespan and the sex ratio (male to female live births) come as a result to things that affect us while we’re still in the womb, though. So then again I would guess there is more to this article than previously stated. The beginning of the article, it mentions literature speculating on the fetal origins of later life morbidity, calling out the “damaged cohort” theory. The “damaged cohort” theory states “that maternal responses to exogenous shocks induce ‘stress reactivity’ in fetuses and thereby shorten the lifespan of males in utero during stressful times.” (pg. 1)
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BIO 111L Article Summary - Ralph Catalano and Tim Bruckner...

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