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Pspice-BasicExamples - PSpice Basic Examples Example...

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Example Capacitor (Tran.) * Lines with the star symbol (*) are used for comments * SIN (<DC offset> <amplitude> <frequency> <timedelay><damping factor> <phase > ) VS 1 0 SIN (0 100 200 0 0 90 ) C1 1 0 0.5U .PROBE * .TRAN <print step value> <final time value>+[no-print value [step ceiling value]] .TRAN 100U 20M 0 100U .END The above PSpice program performs analysis in the time- domain using the ".TRAN" mode/command. The program specifies a sinusoidal source (SIN) with: < amplitude > = 100 V that operates at a particular: < frequency > = f = 200 Hz. Note that a < phase > = 90 degree is specified within the SIN function. This provides a "cosine" source. In general, if the desired phase of the "cosine" source is ( φ ), then the "phase" parameter should be set to: ( φ + 90 ). PSpice Basic Examples Hayder Radha - ECE202
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Note that in this example: The time-period associated with a complete cycle = T = 1/ f = 5 milliseconds. We need to keep this value in mind when specifying the parameters of the ".TRAN" command. For example, the < print step value > parameter specifies the step-size (in units of time) that PSpice would use to analyze and plot the different signals of the circuit. In general, this parameter should be much smaller than T . Here, we selected a < print step value > = 100 microseconds (100U). The < final time value > parameter specifies the end-time for the desired analysis/plots. Here and again, we need to take the value T =5msec into consideration. You need to analyze and
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Pspice-BasicExamples - PSpice Basic Examples Example...

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