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PHL 202 Merchants of Cool Responses

PHL 202 Merchants of Cool Responses - Fall 2006 PHL 202...

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Fall 2006 PHL 202 Keith Merchants of Cool Responses 1. The concept of the Cool Hunter is to pretty much put themselves among teens to see what is cool to them, as well as search for a “player” in the social network. They have to continuously do this, as cool things come and go with teens all the time. I guess you could say these people are on-field market researchers finding out what teens like to better sell and/or advertise their product. 2. Anti-Marketing-Marketing’s purpose is to make teens feel like the corporations understand them and are on their side. They want to make you think that some of your ideas are your own when in reality they are not. Or even do what Sprite did and just pay kids to show up at one of their parties with their logo all over the place and then record it in order to use it for marketing purposes later. 3. The Mook is a crude, loud, obnoxious, created by corporations character that it used to somewhat “advertise” what is cool. Examples of this are Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew, Tom Green, and maybe Nick Cannon... This
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