Final A_06 - Name: _ Section: _ LA Name: _ LBS 172 Final...

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Name: ___________________________________________ Section: __________________________________________ LA Name: ________________________________________ LBS 172 Final Agony Form A Dr. R. Sweeder May 1, 2006 In the spirit of fairness, please do not open your booklets until all students have received their exams. There are 14 pages in this exam booklet, including this cover page, blank work page (page 12), periodic table and an equation sheet at the end. Before beginning work, check to see if all pages are present. You may detach the periodic table and equation sheet. You have 2 hours to complete this exam. It is worth two hundred (200) points. READ all questions carefully before attempting to answer. Show all your work on numerical and equation balancing problems. I can only grant partial credit if I can see your reasoning. Of course, adherence to the LBS academic honesty policy is expected. Cheating will result in a 0.0 grade for the course in accordance with the syllabus. You can ask for any of the chemical formulas for any of the problems for a 2 point deduction. Please initial below if you feel the following statement is true. “I have abided by the LBS Statement of Academic Integrity on this exam. _______” PAGE SCORE PAGE SCORE 2 _________ / 2 2 7 _________ /19 3 _________ /15 8 _________ /15 4 _________ / 2 0 9 _________ /21 5 _________ /28 10 _________ /20 6 _________ /21 11 _________ /19 TOTAL
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1) Describe the relative differences between an alpha, beta and gamma emission from nuclear decay? (6 pts) 2) Predict if the S of the following processes are positive, negative, or negligible. (1 pt each) Justify your answers. (3 pts each) Pb +2 (aq) + CO 3 -2 (aq) PbCO 3 (s) 2H 2 O 2 (aq) 2H 2 O(l) + O 2 (g)
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Final A_06 - Name: _ Section: _ LA Name: _ LBS 172 Final...

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