PHL 201 - Essay #1 - Response #1

PHL 201 - Essay #1 - Response #1 - April 2006 PHL 201...

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April 2006 PHL 201 Turner Response #1 It is said that “One’s life cannot be meaningful, even if it was created for a purpose, unless one finds one’s life meaningful.” Frankenstein and the Golem are prime cases that will be used to assess the above claim. Though I still find philosophy as a whole complicated and would not normally do arguments like this to friends in the future, for the sake of the paper I find the claim true. I argue true because if one does not find life meaningful then they just feel useless since one’s life only truly matters to that person or creation. In the story of Frankenstein, the creature created eventually stumbled across journals written by his creator which in turn led him to discover why he was created and for what purpose. In this case, the discovery of purpose in life was met with “rage and despair.” Even after this discovery he still was in the same predicament, as still scared people, was an outcast, and still wished to be accepted by all like any normal person. Either way, this creation of man still pursued the quest of meaning for
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PHL 201 - Essay #1 - Response #1 - April 2006 PHL 201...

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