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PHL 201 - Essay #2 - Response #2 - But not just for a short...

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May 2006 PHL201 Turner Response #2 – The Experience Machine To everyone, or at least most of us, happiness is a major factor in our lives. Some would give anything, anything just to be happy while others could not be happier. What if those that wanted to be happier could trade reality for a trip into a “matrix-type” world, free of worry, wealthy, and in excellent health. A trip through the “experience machine.”
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Unformatted text preview: But not just for a short period of time… Forever. Forever, as anyone knows, is a long time. Honestly, you could go either way on the issue of whether or not one should live a fake existance as opposed to a real one. But to answer the question of what is bad, if anything, about living in a fantasy world and seeming to live a perfectly happy life is simple; authenticity....
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