LIR 832_ DATA Syllabus SPRING 2007

LIR 832_ DATA Syllabus SPRING 2007 - LIR 832 QUANTITATIVE...

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Syllabus, LIR 832, Spring, 2007, page 1 LIR 832: QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR HUMAN RESOURCE AND LABOR RELATIONS Spring, 2007 Tuesday, 3:00pm - 5:50pm Discussion/Lab Sessions: TBA Instructor: Lecturer: Dale Belman Russell Ormiston 408 S. Kedzie 427 S. Kedzie Phone: 353-3905 Phone: 353-7231 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday: 1:30pm - 3:00pm or by appointment Course web site: Students with disabilities needing accommodations for examinations or other assignments should discuss their requests with the instructor as soon as possible. Course objectives: This course is divided into three sets of skills, each with separate objectives. 1. Statistical Analysis: The application of multi-variate techniques to determine underlying social relationships. This will focus on developing a theoretical and practical understanding of the application of regression techniques. 2. Application of Techniques in Practical Situations: Although theoretic understanding of multi-variate techniques is a necessary foundation for knowledgeable use of statistical techniques, practical experience in their application is also important. Students will develop familiarity with statistical software, multi-variate techniques, methods of testing hypotheses and diagnostic methods. 3. Evaluation of Research: Good research is founded on mastery of statistical theory, but requires careful framing of issues, consideration of appropriate measures and specification and interpretation of the results of statistical tests. Students will learn to read statistical articles and evaulate the results of that research.
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Syllabus, LIR 832, Spring, 2007, page 2 Pre-requisites: LIR 832 has two pre-requisites, an undergraduate statistics course and taking the statistical assessment. Students must have taken an undergraduate course in statistics prior to enrolling in LIR 832. Students must also take an assessment of their statistical knowledge. Those who pass, typically a score of 75 or better, have a solid foundation of knowledge is statistics and are ready for LIR 832. Those who score below 75 may find the
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LIR 832_ DATA Syllabus SPRING 2007 - LIR 832 QUANTITATIVE...

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