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EWS 201 KwanzaaReflection

EWS 201 KwanzaaReflection - do just an hour before the real...

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EWS 201 Dr. Humber Kwanzaa Observance Reflection Before my path of “endarkenment” through the class EWS 201, I was just another lost soul to the meaning and true meaning of Kwanzaa. I was not able to take it seriously and look at it as a real holiday in the past. I was not mature enough to accept the concept of it. But with the newfound knowledge and pride given to me by the class as well as being not only at but a part of a Kwanzaa ceremony, I was touched and moved by the content. From the decorations put up in the room to the fried catfish and amazingly good hush puppies, it was yet another experience I was happy to… Well… Experience. It was not only fun to pretty much pull our segment of what to do out of nowhere, but hilarious. I was surprised that we were able to get a hold of what we were supposed to
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Unformatted text preview: do just an hour before the real thing. It went a lot better than I thought it would. My honest thoughts were “Oh, you were serious? We are really participating in this thing??” and was just waiting to see how we would actually do this. Learning the parts of the opening song was crazy! I liked our segment of the ceremony though, especially for it being improv-ish. Overall it was an amazing experience and has given me a bigger and better understanding of Kwanzaa for what it is. The ritual(s) performed made me feel even more proud of my heritage and glad to be a part of the ceremony. Now it is something I can actually celebrate later on in life and it be purposeful and enjoyable, not to be confused with the ever growing commercialization of Christmas....
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