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ch5p7 - 5.69 Compute the reactions at the ball and socket...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.69 Compute the reactions at the ball and socket support at point D and the tensions in the support ropes (T1 and T2) for the sign support system. The weight of the sign exerts a force of 300 N in the down direction (—y) at point E, 0.25 m from D and at point F, 1.75 m from D. Note that DC is not constrained from rotation about its axis. 3 ( m A m o ( c ( m FIGURE P5.69 . Solution: A free body diagram of the sign support is given in the figure (0.1 .5.1 .5)!“A 40071): .30qu FIGURE $5.69 First note that all the forces intersect a common axis (that of the (continued) 443 ...
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