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History 202 - VoF Chap. 17

History 202 - VoF Chap. 17 - HST 202 Home Assignment...

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01/20/06 HST 202 Home Assignment – January 19 th #79 1. It calls them “vast conspiracies against mankind” that have been organized on two continents, rapidly taking possession of the world. They are concerned that if they do not act and overthrow this conspiracy it will tear society and civilization apart. 2. Populists believed that if given power they would labor to “correct evils by wise and reasonable legislation” in accordance to the terms of their platform. In the third (clause?) they state that “the time has come when railroad corporations will either own the people or the people must own the railroads,” demanding that if the government does in fact want control over all the railroads that every person who works for them should be placed under a civil-service regulation “of the most rigid character” to help prevent an increase of power for the national government. #80 1. Because it was believed by some, at least in part, that the Civil War was fought to gain the complete freedom of blacks, no boundaries and no restrictions. Harlan
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