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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] „`EHe%4’u­PC@o%C‚ˆ…%Exh4Ej¦T%`HBCPE‡C„%C%HYC´e%PHVE‡T€C%v W y B ƒ X ¥ G ge I G D YeV [email protected] D I y Y gG XQG g G ƒW ƒ w y [email protected] ƒW W yV e GV X S ~ Y XW F B 4`%CˆW¦A%ER“3rE³wCP34r‡€[email protected]€‡%“%„r`%`€%„˜4PT“‡4HYU#`HBC4Hy`S ± b a 9 | { z xs 8²ÂU“}eerywv B 0.5 m D 0.5 m F 1000 N 0.5 m b • %e • %Rr– n gY –k i [email protected] D IG I G ƒW X [email protected] ‘ G ƒW GW y ™ I B ƒ b ge Å šš q e [email protected] B ™ ™ yQ G [email protected] º ± b CP3PR!%„ˆY…P‡CEB!%„¢„4%f`•…¹E8ˆBF hE`š oC€`’%%€%EC‡‰ˆ8ÉÂ4a A C D 0.5 E 0.5 m G cc `i a b a S | { z xs `²ÂU4ÍT…„y¨v (c) G IBVG D Q Y XWe y† R`P‡’ž%`ˆB„x(PG I [email protected] X y †G G ƒ ¼ b e a b a S [email protected] yw v X [email protected] X X X ƒ ¼ b i g Y n QW X B %Hy€%HDˆXHF%(‡q4ž…4`E²Â4U»C%ExhˆY‡C„C€%ˆyHFˆF…HQeHQ%ž…Rµ%e C(ˆY`’™ W e Q g e F G ƒW Q F X … GW [email protected] G ƒW ‘ B I [email protected] w X g … g B D‘GG ‘ e WQ X v b Y XW F B »%E`HB%„q%ˆg‡HG„„‡%C…EëE„`´e%2UU’uu‡C@µf€€[email protected]¨‡`HBC4Hy`S [email protected] Y ¥B G ƒW BW Y XWe g YG I [email protected] e G¤e ‡P%¦'r4„q„‚`ˆB„%%‡fRE‡‡€f„ERI g Ye i n g Y – k i – X Q ge F G ƒW G X [email protected] g BW Q Y XWVGQ ‘B g B ƒWG I G ƒ 4Eg‚h4Ee • URrfHY‚%E`HBT%„ž%ˆYR€‡„­%r„’4`HBCP‡€¹E»%„­RT%CW GQ z Å š š c BW ™ y ‘B Q ge F Y [email protected] ™ I BV g Ye Y XQ YGW F B ƒ BW [email protected] [email protected] Ce3b R``š h„%¶Ee4E8HB`HB€C‡€%f`‡¯4Eµ`ˆBC%P„hˆg`%R„P„C!Ce [email protected] D IG I G ƒ ¼ [email protected] BW...
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