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PHL 202 Extra Credit (Ad Exposing)

PHL 202 Extra Credit (Ad Exposing) - Fall 2006 PHL 202...

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Fall 2006 PHL 202 Keith Ad Exposing Extra Credit 1.This ad just speaks for itself compared to the others I’ll be bringing up. While trying to bedazzle you with jewelry (from what I’m getting it’s fake) they have this woman unnecessarily naked posing with all see can fit on to her. 2.I picked this one for its sexual innuendo, saying “Brunettes do it better,“ while also having a half-naked woman in the background. This is an advertisement for a hair-care product. Nevertheless, the cake this girl up and put her in a skimpy outfit. 3.Q: What might be wrong with this one then? A: It has Paris Hilton in it. 4.Ok ok, the above was for fun. This one though I picked because of the “dry humping” going on in… Where ever the hell they are. I can’t tell if they’re on a playground or a laundry machine. A good way to promote pregnancy I guess. I gave this one to the ladies side because it’s like saying to guys: “They’ll do it anywhere!” 5.In the video, it was said that this type of advertising starts young. The reason for my pick is just that. This
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