Project3 - Spring 2007 ME 417 Design of Alternative Energy...

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Spring 2007 1 ME 417 Design of Alternative Energy Systems Project 3 Design of an Oscillating Water Column Power System Due Friday, March 30, 2007 The U.S. Senate subcommittee on coastal energy resources has hired the engineering firm of Bénard and Somerton (aka BS Engineering) to provide a preliminary design for an oscillating water column system power within the territory of the United States. Two associates of the firm have been assigned to investigate two different sites in the United States. Each associate will perform the design analysis for a single site. The following sites have been targeted for this study. 315 NM W of Aberdeen (WA) 78 NM SSW of Aberdeen (WA) S. Aleutians (AK) Hilo (HI) Pensacola (FL) For each site, the design team will undertake a design study to determine the optimal open chamber height (within 0.5 m) the optimal open chamber diameter (within 0.5 m) the optimal closed chamber height (within 0.5 m) The closed chamber diameter will be taken to be equal to the open chamber diameter. The objective function used in the design study will be the predicted cost of the electricity in $/kW hr, under the constraint that the system power output will be 5 MW. The team will want to compare the results of the design studies at the
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Project3 - Spring 2007 ME 417 Design of Alternative Energy...

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