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History 202 - GML Chap. 15

History 202 - GML Chap. 15 - HST 202 Assignment January 5...

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1/6/06 HST 202 Assignment – January 5 Give me Liberty! – Chapter 15, pg. 550 Focus Questions: 1. The pursuit of freedom for former slaves was wanting to be able to “do like a white man” (pg. 551) because they were not stupid. They knew what freedom looked like. They observed freedom all around them all throughout slavery, watching the white man doing whatever they want and not forced to into labor as they were. Being free, it is a good thing that these former slaves went off to look for better jobs and “free-er” towns. For slaveholders, it was obviously a birthright for them to be free. I would tend to think that they also thought freedom meant that they should not have to submit to the North’s demands and should be able to harness slaves as they please. Sidney Andrews had it right when he stated, “The whites seem wholly unable to comprehend that freedom for the negro means the same thing as freedom for them.” Interestingly enough, slaveholders still felt they could exercise the same control…. Nope.
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