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OceanProbs - implementation recommendation You may take an...

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1 ME 417 Design of Alternative Energy Systems Ocean Energy Problem 1. It is proposed to build an OTEC system on Lake Superior where the summer time surface temperature is 64 ° F and the deep water temperature is 6 ° C. Determine the minimum amount of surface water that must be used if this system is produce 800 kW for an allowable water temperature change of 5 ° C. 2. A current energy power system is proposed for a location where the average current speed is 0.75 m/s. Two marine turbines of 1.5 MW power are being considered for the system, which have the following conditions Turbine Efficiency Rotor Diameter Capital Cost Rhino 35% 45 m $15M Bruin 31% 52 m $12.5M Determine the energy cost ($/kWh) for each turbine and make an
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Unformatted text preview: implementation recommendation. You may take an interest rate of 13% and a lifetime of 25 years for your calculation. 3. An oscillating water column power system operates with the following conditions Wave Height: 5.3 m Wave Frequency: 0.25 Hz Ambient Temperature: 275 K Ambient Pressure: 101 kPa Chamber Height: 6 m Chamber Diameter: 6 m Determine the power generated for a two chamber OWC. 4. A float WEC system operates with the following conditions 250 kg float 22% efficiency 2.9 m wave height 0.075 Hz wave frequency For an interest rate of 8% and a lifetime of 10 years, determine the required capital cost for an energy cost of 0.10 $/kWh....
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