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MemoFormat - RESULTS AND DISCUSSION What important...

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1 ME 417 Design of Alternative Energy Systems Format for Technical Memo MEMORANDUM TO: Professor Craig W. Somerton Department of Mechanical Engineering FROM: Jill (Joe) Spartan DATE: September 2, 1998 SUBJECT: Alternative Energy Technologies INTRODUCTION Inform the reader as to what the project is and its relevance. BACKGROUND Briefly give appropriate theory, concepts, and equations utilized. APPROACH Talk about how you solved the problem and what tools you utilized.
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Unformatted text preview: RESULTS AND DISCUSSION What important information did you obtain? What insight do you have about the problem? CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS What else should be done on the project? How accurate are your calculations? APPENDICES These could include: detailed calculations, examples of the computer runs, property data used or generated, and, most importantly, references used in the work....
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