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Copyright Digilent, Inc. All rights reserved Document: 502-009 Digilab DIO1 Reference Manual Revision: May 7, 2002 Overview The Digilab Digital I/O board 1 (DIO1) is one of several expansion boards designed to mate with Digilab system boards. The DIO1 is an inexpensive board that contains an assortment of basic digital I/O devices, including buttons, switches, and several LED displays. The DIO1 board can be combined with Digilab system boards to provide a source of ready-made I/O devices, allowing a wide range of projects to be implemented without the need for any other components. DIO1 board features include: A four digit seven-segment LED display; 8 individual LEDs; A 3-bit VGA port; 4 momentary pushbuttons; 8 slide switches; A PS2 mouse/keyboard port. Functional description The DIO1 board has been designed to provide a basic, inexpensive platform that contains many of the I/O devices commonly found in digital systems. Unlike the more advanced DIO2 board, the DIO1 board has been designed so that all signals pass directly to an attached system board, so no intermediate logic is required. When mated with a Digilab system board, the DIO1 board can provide a flexible prototyping system that can be operational immediately. Digilent, Inc. 125 SE High Street Pullman, WA 99163 (509) 334 6306 (Voice and Fax) www.digilentinc.com PRELIMINARY 8 LEDs 4 displays 8 switches PS2 port Connector B 2 5 4 buttons 74HC373 Latch Connector A 12 4 8 9 VGA Port Figure 1. DIO1 schematic
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Digilab DIO1 Reference Manual Digilent, Inc. Rev: May 7, 2002 www.digilentinc.com Page 2 of 10 Signals All named signals used on the DIO1 board are defined in the table on the right. Voltage levels for all signals arriving from an attached Digilab system board are determined by the system board, but all signals arising on the I/O board derive from the on-board 5VDC regulator (so they are all 5V CMOS signals). The DIO1 board uses a two- layer process, so all signals are available on the top and bottom layers. Many signals are brought to a test point header for easy test and measurement equipment attachment. Power Supply The DIO1 board receives system power from pins 39 and 37 of connectors A and B (which mate to pins 1 and 3 of an attached system boards). Pin 37 provides Vdd from the attached system board (assumed to be 3.3VDC), and pin 39 is connected to ground. Up to 5VDC can be safely applied to the Vdd input pin (pin 37). The DIO1 board typically consumes less than 10mA with no LED’s illuminated, and up to 130mA with all LEDs illuminated (including all segments of the seven-segment display). LEDs Eight LEDs are provided for circuit outputs. The LED cathodes are tied to ground via 270-ohm resistors, and the anodes are driven from the 74HC373 (so the LED drive signals are active high).
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