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COM100 Speech Critique

COM100 Speech Critique - COM 100 Speech Critique This...

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11/20/05 COM 100 Speech Critique This speech was delivered in church by the pastor. So, obviously, it was part of the sermon. Anyway, the pastor had excellent delivery. His delivery was not only powerful, but emotionally driven. It was done without any “likes” or “ums”. No fillers. But there were small pauses now and then, in which he would just keep his eye out toward the audience. The pastor was sure to keep people’s attention by being animated throughout the speech, like moving around, making “extreme” gestures, and so on. He was also loud enough in volume for everyone in the room, no matter where you were, to understand him clearly, which is a plus to me because I can’t stand not being able to understand people. The delivery made does not detract from their speech at all, but enhances it. The pronunciations of words were correct and his appearance was quite credible being in his pastor outfit and all.
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