EXp14_PLD_II_06 - Main Design Project Introduction In order...

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Main Design Project Introduction In order to gain some experience with using macros we will exploit some of the features of our boards to construct a counter that will count from 0 to 59 with the counts displayed in two of our four 7-segment displays. In addition we will instrument one of the sliding switches to enable counting with an light emitting diode (LED) indicating its state and we will add a push button to reset the counters momentarily to zero. The DI01 board is constructed in such a fashion that individual segments of the four displays are connected in parallel and are turned on when the particular connection is grounded. A given display may be selected for display by connecting its anode to a positive logic level. Read over the description of the DI01 module, in particular the description of the seven segment displays and how the individual segments combine to form numbers. Macros In your design you will need to use several macros one of which will include the 0 to 5 counter you constructed in last week’s lab and another is a routine to translate the four bit output from the decimal counter into the pattern of 0’s and 1’s corresponding to the activated segments on a 7 segment display. This will be the file hex2led.vhd which you will construct. A third macro, provided for you, will divide the 50 MHz clock down to a frequency suitable for display and easy verification of proper opeation. On the basis of this macro you will write another (in vhdl) to generate a toggling frequency clock which
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EXp14_PLD_II_06 - Main Design Project Introduction In order...

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