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Problem HH 2.3 The simplest regulated supply of voltage is a zener such as in the figure below. Some current must flow through the zener so you choose: V in " V out R > I out (max) Because V in is not regulated, you use the lowest value of V in that might occur for this formula. Also the zener must be able to dissipate power: P zener = ( V in " V out R " I
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Unformatted text preview: out ) # V zener For worst-case design, you would use V in (max), R min and I out (min). Design a +10 volt regulated supply for load currents from 0 to 100 mA; the input voltage is +20 to +25 volts. Allow at least 10mA zener current under all (worst-case) conditions. What power rating must the zener have?...
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