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final outline - i Cheat information in shoes vs high pitch...

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I. Intro (focus on 20-30 years ago and the literature) II. Unfair Game (Suzan Jacoby) (Essay 3 – DJ Dream) words, lifestyles 1978 a. “I have asserted my right to sit at a table in a public place without being drawn into a sexual flirtation…that two women prefer each other’s company to his.” b. Online acronyms c. Non-physical relationship or non-word (my essay d. Upgraded defense mechanism III. Road Not Taken (Robert Frost) lifestyles a. “Two roads diverged…And sorry I could not travel both” b. Risks of having a child early c. Improvements in medical field (Edward and Joe) IV. Angels on a Pin (Alexander Calandra) values, lifestyles, sounds 1968 a. “…that he was fed up with high school and college instructors trying to teach him how to think, to use the “scientific method…” b. Outside of box cheating
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Unformatted text preview: i. Cheat information in shoes vs. high pitch frequency morse codes on cell phones c. Teachers learn how to deal with it i. No more corporal punishment ii. Psychological consequences V. College is a Waste of Time and Money (Caroline Bird) Beliefs, Odors 1975 a. “College, then, may be a good place for those few young people…who would rather read than eat, but it has become too expensive, in money, time, and intellectual effort, to serve as a holding pen for large numbers of our young.” b. Opinions change i. Economy down ii. Growth population iii. Technology Advancement iv. Many are going to college c. Jobs seem to require a degree, those without are singling out to lower jobs (janitor) VI. Conclude (the only constant is change)...
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final outline - i Cheat information in shoes vs high pitch...

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