final - America is changing. From major society...

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America is changing. From major society developments to the small instant messages we send online, all contribute to how we change this country within a 25-35 year time span. The best way to explain how this country has evolved is by comparing articles from both time periods. Suzan Jacoby published this quote in her article “Unfair Game” written in 1978, “I have asserted my right to sit at a table in a public place without being drawn into a sexual flirtation…that two attractive women prefer each other’s company to his.” Many changes have been done in the society since it was published. First change is that a simple greeting on the internet consists of three or four letter acronyms such as “a/s/l?” which stands for age, sex, and location rather than “Hi, may I have a drink with you?” Secondly, the ways of which we have relationships have changed since the late 70’s. An internet relationship can carry on for weeks without meeting physically. I’ve seen couples who no longer are interested in each other once they meet in person. Relationships may also start without a single word, as with my essay on “The Best (or Worst) Day of my Life”. By simply being in the spotlight using music technology to control the crowd, words are not needed to attract the opposite sex. Lastly, defensive mechanisms for women seemed to have upgraded. Effective pepper sprays and cell phones can easily scare off a predator. Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is all about choices. The first two lines, “Two roads
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final - America is changing. From major society...

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