Same-Sex Marriage Panel Summary

Same-Sex Marriage Panel Summary - Latino issue because of...

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2/15/06 PLS 201 First speaker, Marshall Wong, states the “final frontier” for gays/lesbians is Marriage Equality Talked about how Jesse Jackson spoke out against gays in a speech Promoting the fact that gays/lesbians want the same rights as straight married couples and that their cause has nothing to do with religion Basically gave the message that “Gay people are people too” in a sense that they should not be prohibited rights that heterosexual married couples have Gave statistic that Asian voters were more conservative on the issue of same-sex marriage than any other ethnicity Speaker made lots of ties and reference relating what is going on with segregation Second speaker, Christine Chavez, is the Political Director for the United Farm Workers Believes she is representing her grandfather’s opinion on same-sex marriage by going out and fighting pro-same-sex marriage Stated that though it is not looked upon so, same-sex marriage is very much a
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Unformatted text preview: Latino issue because of Latinos being the majority of same-sex couples in Southern California • Her and her group threatened not to re-elect Latino legislators if they did not press the issue and pay it mind • Third speaker, Victor Navarro, is a part of APAL(?) and “Sweatshop Watch” • Sounded like Mayor Quimby from the The Simpsons • Spoke and promoted helping Day Laborers • “National Day-Labor Organizing Network” • Wants legalization for immigration reform • Mentioned Operation “Spotlight”-Police patrolling Day-labor centers • Spoke against the bill HR4437-Said this bill will greatly effect not only day-laborers, but immigrants in general-Bill goes to the Senate for consideration in March-Bill will provide the government with the resources to build that 2,000-mile wall they’re always talking about on AM 640-Organization of immigrant workers would be made impossible...
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