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ISP209f5 Lecture 9 -1- Today – Exam #1 Review • Exam #1 is Thursday Feb. 7 in this room, BPS 1410 • The exam is 40 multiple choice questions. There are a few questions where you will have to use a formula. • Bring your student ID • You will have the full 80 minutes for the exam. • You can bring one sheet of notes (front and back) ISP209f5 Lecture 9 -2- Einstein Equation ij ij ij ij T c G g Rg R 4 8 2 1 π λ = • A tensor equation that describes how space-time is influenced by mass. •The left side is the curvature and motion of space and the right side is the location and motion of mass and energy. • Rij is the Ricci tensor, g is the metric of space-time, G is the gravitational constant, Tij is the stress-energy tensor. ISP209f5 Lecture 9 -3- Program for Today • We will read through the review sheet. • I will give some sample problems. • Some of the exam problems will be very close to homework problems. • A couple of the samples we will use as clicker problems ISP209f5 Lecture 9 -4- The Scientific Method • Science – No theory can ever be proven true. We are always looking for theories that work better. • Pseudoscience (not bad, just not science) The hypothesis is not at risk. If data does not agree with the hypothesis, then the data is assumed to be wrong. – Some facts are ignored. – Exploit the controversies and inadequacies in a competing theory. – Portrayed as an underdog being punished by the scientific establishment. – Reliance on fear and other emotions, or reliance on a lack of knowledge – People who do pseudoscience usually do not publish in normal scientific journals.
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ISP209f5 Lecture 9 -5- Vector Problem Which of the following is not a vector: A. Position B. Velocity C. Mass D. Force E. Momentum The correct answer is C. Vectors have a magnitude (60 mph) and direction (East). Scalars have only a value (4 kg). ISP209f5 Lecture 9 -6- Motion • Velocity is the rate of change of position • Acceleration if the rate of change of velocity • Force is the rate of change of momentum • Momentum = mass x velocity Example: If the mass of an object is large, it can take a large force to change its velocity. ISP209f5 Lecture 9
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exam1reviewpn - Today Exam#1 Review Exam#1 is Thursday Feb...

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