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Department of Mechanical Engineering MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY ME 457: Mechatronic System Modeling & Simulation Problem Set #3. Dominate the following problems involving fixed-axis rotation. In each case write a set of system equations (mixed algebraic-differential equations) from the bond graph model. Then formulate a set of state equations (differential equations). Show your working variables clearly on the schematic diagram and on the bond graph. Practice defining X(t) and U(t) and setting up the A
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Unformatted text preview: and B matrices for the state equations. (3.1) Do text problem 4-4(a). (3.2) Do text problem 4-4(b). (3.3) Do text problem 4-5(b). (3.4) Do text problem 4-5(c). (3.5) Do text problem 4-5(e). Choose any one problem above and make a MATLAB run to see how the model behaves. Choose your own parameters, inputs, and initial conditions. Remember your goal: DOMINATION! Hw_03.doc 1 printed 1/26/2007...
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