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Unformatted text preview: Physical injuries are common among my friends. While most were minor, a couple required a call for an ambulance. In this one particular incident, my friend Edward pulled off a physical stunt that ended up with medics surrounding him. Stupidity seems to follow boredom quite often. Our physical education class in high school usually ends early, giving me and my friends about ten to twenty minutes of free time. This one particular day in high school, stage props and numerous concrete bricks were left over from the special events held the night before. Edward searched through the props and found something of interest to him, a roller bed. Flashbacks came to my mind of my parents warning me not to ride these things like a skateboard. Immediately after, I jokingly repeated the exact opposite to Edward of what my parents had said. He liked the idea and took the roller bed out onto the blacktop. While the concrete was slightly slanted, it wasn’t enough for the roller bed to be affected by the pull...
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