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QUANTITY ENGLISH SYSTEM S'I' SYSTEM force 1 lb 4'448 Newtons (N) mass 1 lb ' sec2/ft (slug) 1'4'59 ke (kilogram) length 1 ft 0'3048 meters (m) mass density 1lb/ft3 l6'02kg/m3 torque or moment 1 lb ' in' 0'113 N ' m acceleration l ft/sec2 0'3048 m/sz accel. of gravity 32'2ft/s2:386in'/secz 9'87m/sz spring constant k - 1'lb/in' 175'1 N/m spring constant K f i4 llb ' in'/ra6 0'113 N ' m/rad dampingconstant, '
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Unformatted text preview: 175'1N's/m mass moment of inertia 1 lb' in' sec2 0'1729 ke mz modulus of elasticity 106 lb/in'z 6'895 x 10e N/m2 modulus of elasticity of steel 29 x 106 lb/in'? 200 X 10e N/m' angle l degree 1/57'3 radian Yowec T6,lt fse l,gUrtvt dt'ue) 'r,.* 4 v+,?, Cft;u) q4L w \ r-u^wqq -4 i;'ft ' ^ t'V'lec (lt"t ) ruNpAI{Ft{rALf 4\b (4Nt rcz-c? u lt r,TS I 4 +t I 4 n^ L6K{-H L{bec t4$ec \v\6...
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