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Everything was almost ready. The stage was set, my laptop with audio software was ready to go, and everyone was waiting, waiting for the DJ. I got on stage slowly as I turned my head to find my friends in a huge crowd. I was trying to find comfort but the harder I search, the more nervous I become. It was nerve-wracking to know that all eyes are on me, the one who everyone calls the “tech-guy” expecting to have experience of audio performances. Breaking the news about how audio technology doesn’t exactly fall into my resume would sink my reputation. The gym seemed to be packed, full of drunks who didn’t mind the heat. Ironically this is a Christian school. “Thank God!” I said to myself. If I did screw up the whole party, at least they wouldn’t remember the night. Weeks of practice lead to this very moment as I walked over to my laptop. I dragged the first song into the software hoping it is the right one. “No, wait…” I thought to myself. That song is too slow. I needed something to begin with a fast pick-up tone.
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