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Two famous people have influenced me to become a technological media artist. A famous electronic music artist named BT (short for Brian Transeau) sparked my interest in learning music. Eric Jordan (founder of 2Advanced Studios) has influenced me to blend technology and visual arts. In my perspective, BT is probably the pioneer of combining technology and music to create perfectly timed music. The way that he time-corrects every single sound in his music to be musically correct is very intriguing. For example, BT held a recording device in the rain to record rain drop sounds. He sampled them into the computer for time- correction. The end product featured a musically correct rain environment used as an introduction in one of his music pieces. This means that the listener is able to hear each rain drop hitting the ground as an unreal music note (1/128 th note or the 1/256 th note as opposed to quarter or eighth note). Learning of this technological and as well as a musical feature, I began scouting online for various music applications that I can work with. For
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