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CSE 331: Section 001 Homework 6 V2 Spring 2008 Due by 11:59 AM Saturday 1 March 2008 Submit programs via handin and analysis of results by either handin or paper under the door of EB 3134. (1) Problem 5.1 parts a,b,c,d page 208 Weiss. Ignore the extra parens typo. (2) Implement a program to test the efficiency of hashing using linear probing (Section 5.4.1 of Weiss) and compare it to using the STL set by doing the following experiment in the several parts described below. Report the results of the following tests and discuss what they mean in your report. ( Be sure that your program is working properly so that you are not timing incorrect code! Also, be sure to run initial tests on small sets so as not to waste time.) Include some extra counts and checks to help validate your work. (a) We will all be using the same data, a set of about 25k unique words stored in the text file hw06words.txt . Your program should read all of these into a vector of string of size 26k so that we do not have I/O or data structure reset affecting our runtimes. Also, create a second vector that
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