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CSE 331: Section 001 H omework 8 V1 Spring 2008 Due by 11:59 AM Friday 21 March 2008 Submit program file via handin and the rest by either handin or paper under the door of EB 3134. The objective of this homework is to get exercise programming with graphs and with analyzing the performance of graph algorithms. Clear clean code is expected, but correct results are most important. Commercial code or standard documentation is not expected. Reread these specs prior to submitting. 1) Create and test a program to search for a path between two cities on the graph created in hw07. a) You may use any code patterns in your text book or in the CSE331 example files, making sure that you cite such use. DO NOT use any code from any other books or course or the web. Of course, you may create all your own code. b) If the 2 nd letter of your family name is <= ‘e’ then implement either DFS or Dijkstra’s algorithm; else if the 2 nd letter of your family name is >= ‘o’, then implement either BFS or Dijkstra’s algorithm; else implement either DFS or BFS. (We will enjoy comparing the different results the following week in class.)
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