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CSE331 Section 2 Homework 5 (Updated Feb. 20) Due: Friday Feb. 22, 2008 at 11:59am 1.Discuss the relationship between an expression tree and the sequence generated by a tree traversal: a.Draw a binary expression tree for each of two following two sequences. Preorder: - * a + b c / d e Inorder: c + d * a - b - e b.Describe the methods you used to construct the two trees above. c.Given any valid preorder sequence, is the corresponding binary expression tree unique? If yes, prove it. Otherwise, give a small counterexample. (NOTE: The proof of part (c) is now optional . You should state whether a preorder sequence is unique, but you do not have to prove it either way) d.Given any valid inorder sequence, is the corresponding binary expression
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Unformatted text preview: tree unique? If yes, prove it. Otherwise, give a small counterexample. 2.Problem 4.19 on page 177. At every insertion, give the resulting intermediate tree, the lowest complaining (unbalanced) node and the type of rotation, single left (Fig. 4.48), double left (Fig. 4.47), single right (mirror of Fig. 4.48), double right (mirror of Fig. 4.47), if they are applicable. 3.Problem 4.25 on page 177. 4.Problem 4.27 on page 177. For every access, give the resulting intermediate tree after the access. 5.Problem 4.28 on page 177. Show the tree intermediate trees: after splaying at 6, after splaying the largest key less than 6 to the left child of the root, and the final tree....
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