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Unformatted text preview: After enduring physical education class, the last class of the day, I went to work. I was one of five student janitors who worked on campus every weekday afterschool. Every Monday, my supervisor, Mr. Burgos, brought out his homemade roulette which decides what we do for that week. He spun the roulette for my turn and ended up on bathroom cleaning. To the worst of my luck, this is probably the worst job anyone can do on campus, for the third week in a row. I started off cleaning the Junior High section since they are the first to leave every day. I went into the girls restroom. Everything seemed normal, paper lying on the floor, sinks filled with tangled hair, and toilets that have yet to be flushed. Same with the boys restroom except that right when I finished cleaning everything, a little boy fell on the slippery floor while running to a stall. He finally went in and did his business, which I assume he ate something that was horribly spoiled. After he finished, I went in to clean the toilet again. Right when I stepped in, I ran back out to catch the little kid who knew I went in to clean the toilet again....
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