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2/1/06 PLS 201 State of the Union Address First, might I say that it helps and it’s convenient that I took a public speaking class last quarter. Anyway, Bush covered a lot of topics and also referred to some already in effect. At the beginning of the address he addressed the passing of Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. King, which was probably a good start. After this, it was the inevitable address of terrorism with him saying things such as the continuation to “pursue the enemies of freedom” and “we will never surrender to evil.” Terrorism and things relating to terrorism, whether it be the action itself or conquers over it, was covered quite a bit which has me asking myself “What did past Presidents not in a war on terrorism talk about for 50 minutes long?” Of course it was covered quite a bit though, it’s one of the main issues if not just that. He mentioned Radical Islam, the plan for reconstruction in Iraq, and that “we were winning” overseas. He also did mention troop reduction, but basically said a
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