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ME 222 MECHANICS OF DEFORMABLE SOLIDS Fall 2005 SEMESTER COURSE DESCRIPTION: Tension, compression and shear stresses. Axially loaded bars. Torsion of circular shafts. Beam theory. Combined stresses. Mohr’s circles. Columns. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. Calculate stress (normal and shear) in a structure or machine component loaded in various ways 2. Use stress concentration factors to find stresses in, or allowable loads on, axially loaded members 3. Calculate normal and shearing strains/deformations for bodies subjected to loads and/or temperature changes 4. Design members using criteria based on strength and/or deformation 5. Solve statically indeterminate problems subjected to one or a combination of axial, torsion and bending loads 6. Apply Hooke’s Law in one, two and three dimensions
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