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quiz04 - ll M13222 Quiz 4 NAME ’C Determine the stresses...

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Unformatted text preview: ll. M13222 Quiz 4 (July 21, 2006) NAME ’C Determine the stresses on the surface of the solid shaft and the twisting angle at the cross section where the twisting moment is applied. The shaft is fixed at both ends and loaded by a twisting moment T: 90 lbs-in as shown below. The shaft is made of a shear modulus of lOXlO6 psi. Follow the following step—by-step procedures to solve the problem: (1) draw FBD, (2) set up equilibrium equations, (3) set up deformation equation, (4) find the reaction forces at A and B, (5) find stresses and (6) find the twisting angle. 5.x ‘ 4% 53} Steam aft?“ 3”: ééfizgaigaé % a”; \HférQE W;§""§, '55? a. a?) i? ...
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