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HORTICULTURE 221 GREENHOUSE STRUCTURES AND MANAGEMENT Meetings 4 -5 Dr. John A. Biernbaum Department of Horticulture Michigan State University This outline was prepared by Dr. John Biernbaum for use in the course listed above and is not to be reproduced for any other use without his permission. These lecture outlines are not meant to be a complete set of lecture notes. It is only the instructors outlines which are being made available for students to help with note taking and for those that missed a class. THIS OUTLINE MUST BE SUPPLEMENTED BY NOTES FROM THE LECTURES AND MATERIAL FROM THE TEXT BOOK. Class attendance is required. Additional information is also available in the optional course readings.
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Fall 2002 Biernbaum, MSU HRT 221, pg 7 Site Layout and Planning (Meeting 4) References as for site selection. Production plan - what crops, time of year for production, growing system, marketing strategy, etc. will impact the site layout? Access to utilities and roads What utilities will you have access to and how far will you have to go to hook in to the main? Which is the easiest way onto the property? Flow of traffic - deliveries, shipping, turn around areas for trucks The "headhouse" is the main work area which is designed to be more heat and energy efficient than the growing area. The headhouse is a multipurpose structure. office - appearance to client, your comfort employee lounge and facilities deliveries and shipping loading dock at proper height how many trucks at once storage - pesticides, equipment, media or components coolers and refrigeration facilities - pot plants, bulbs growth rooms or controlled environments - seed germination media mixing and handling, pot or flat filling central heating system - boilers The headhouse should be located north of the greenhouse to prevent shading. The size of the headhouse depends on the size of the greenhouse.
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