BIO 111L EC Paper

BIO 111L EC Paper - did I know that the only purpose of rubber trees is for the making of condoms(Which was announced on the tour Heh Aside from

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Fall 2006 BIO 111L Jansen Biodiversity Highlights Paper One of the three things I found interesting on our field trip was various things inside the bottom part of the Biotrek building. Before I go on, I’ve seen that building on campus before, but never knew what was inside it or that it was even open to the general public. Something new to me was the fact that root beer is partly made up of a leave found in forests (Forgot the name of it). It was also interesting that it actually smelled that of root beer, or something close to it. I actually got to see a mini pineapple! It was described by a classmate as… Cute. And just like in the movie we watched previous to our trip, there were stilt root plants on display. I also got to see epiphytes on-the-fly. The second thing that was interesting was the second floor of the building. Little
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Unformatted text preview: did I know that the only purpose of rubber trees is for the making of condoms (Which was announced on the tour. .. Heh). Aside from that, I learned that indigenous peoples where around or near the Cal Poly area. Name started with “Tom,” I believe. Folks here apparently had things of that culture on display that they found on digs in the area. The last thing I found interesting was the fact that we had a small aquarium on campus in the high corner of the biology building. Seriously, I found this interesting. It was unfortunate to hear that that poor shark had its eyes bitten out and is now blind. So all in all, in addition to the video we watched, I actually learned quite a bit; especially about different types of rainforests, plants, and their locations around the globe....
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