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MUS 100 - Concert Report (Soul Ensemble)

MUS 100 - Concert Report (Soul Ensemble) - MUS 100...

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MUS 100 Maldonado Concert Report – Soul Ensemble The type of concert I attended was the University Hour performance of the Cal Poly Soul Ensemble on the date of November 18, 2005. This concert was conveniently located in the theater, despite the fact that it was advertised to be played in the University Quad. This “concert” was basically giving the audience, comprised mostly of students, just a taste of the Soul Ensemble’s talent. Wasn’t I in for a treat when they started to play… The composition I enjoyed the most I will have to be honest in saying I cannot remember the name. They were out of programs. But I can tell you it was composed by Miss Brown and a fellow student (Who was on electric guitar) themselves, one hundred percent original. It featured percussionists on the congas and drum set as well as quite a few guitars, and of course, the vocalist being the lead and only singer, Miss Brown herself. I must say she can sing extremely well, though it seems like there were some high-pitched notes she may have struggled to hit. It also seemed like when high-pitched
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