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Part1Terms - Greenhouse Structures and Management First...

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Unformatted text preview: Greenhouse Structures and Management First Exam Study Guide Key Words: bedding plants contiguous low iron glass foliage plants free span crazing flowering potted plants venlo Exolite cut flowers quonset mi1(s) retail VanWingerden tensile strength wholesale Rough Brothers puncture strength production area determinant Nexus double layer poly triangle Westbrook manometer Colorado Keeler-Glasgow Cloud-Nine Columbia dead load condensation Holland live load site location snow load light intensity topography wind load light quality NOAA roof slope light duration orientation ground water footcandle headhouse environmental impact nanometer size of headhouse _ area and volume photoperiodism loading dock , long day plant cooler initial cost short day plant annual cost long day treatment greenhouse photodegradation night break lighting size limitations thermal degradation cyclic lighting eave percent light transmission short day treatment ridge thermal transmittance KWH purlin long wave radiation spectral energy distribution truss opaque high pressure sodium post transparent incandescent rafter translucent , fluorescent sashbar direct metal halide bar caps diffuse black cloth square feet per acre glazing materials black out system peak frame rigid structured sheets saran mansard fiberglass reinforced panel gothic (FRP) pallet benches gutter connected fiberglass bloom bench efficiency or ridge and furrow acrylic space utilization multiridge polycarbonate moveable benches sawtooth tempered glass expanded metal sheets single ridge single strength glass porous concrete high profile double strength glass ECHO low profile hammered glass Roflow Benches ...
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