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Unformatted text preview: Questions From the Textbook First Exam CHAPTER 1 1. It is cheaper to produce flowers outdoors than in greenhouses. Why haVen’t the outdoor flower production areas of Florida and California replaced all of the greenhouse production areas of the rest of America? 2. What is the forecast for floral sales in the future and why? 3. Why has carnation production in the Bogota, Colombia region been so successful? 4. What repercussions are occurring in the American flower growing industry as a result of the current flow of fresh flowers into Canada and the United States? The two major exporting countries of floral crops to the United States are and . The first flower crop to be exported to the U.S. in large quantities was The latest cut flower crop being exported to the U.S. in alarming quantities is . I 7. Assume the cost of shipping pot plants is drastically reduced due to the perfection of hypobaric storage on board ships. As a result potted plants are shipped in vast quantities to Europe and North America. What are logical steps the local production industry can take to meet such competition? How can one account for the upsurge of green plant production during the past decade? 9. The retail price of flowers and plants is lower in the mass markets and these markets are expanding. Does it appear that the full-service florists will disappear as a result? Give justification f9r your answer. 10. Let’s assume you are about to graduate and the floriculture industry has revolutionized. All major pot plants are produced efficiently by large firms. Prices are so low the margin of profit is too low for small firms. You, however, intend to go into the flower production business. Describe ways that you can get started in business. as" 9° CHAPTER 2 1. What are the probable advantages and disadvantages of locating a greenhouse firm within the limits of a major city? 2. Service buildings on the average occupy a floor area equal to % of the floor area of the greenhouses. 3. The ridge of a single greenhouse located above 40°N latitude should run in the direction of to . The ridges of gutter-connected greenhouses located at the same latitude should run in the direction of to What eventually goes wrong with FRP and what can be done about it? What are the situations or advantages which convince some owners to use FRP as a greenhouse covering? 4 5. 6. What is the national trend today in greenhouse style and covering and why? 7 8 What are the circumstances which warrant a quonset greenhouse? The most common type of film plastic used in the United States is layer should be and for the inner layer it only needs to have a thickness of This plastic is mainly destroyed over time by . Its life expectancy can be up to “ years. 9. What are the various advantages associated with air inflation of a double layer of polyethylene as opposed to earlier methods of applying two layers of polyethylene? 10. What should the source of air be for inflating the cavity between two sheets of polyethylene on a greenhouse and why? 11. Why is it inadvisable to grow some crops in a bottomless bed on the floor of a greenhouse? 12. True or False? Wooden benches can be treated with the preservative copper naphthenate but never with pentachlorophenol or creosote. ' 13. True or False? The standard width of a fresh flower bed in 4_ft and the standard width of a pot plant bench is Sift. 14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing pot plants directly on a porous pavement greenhouse floor? . The thickness of this plastic for the outer CHAPTER 11 1. What occurs in the process of photosynthesis and what needs of the plant are met by it? 2. List the steps you can take to maximize light intensity during the winter. 3. What is the range and the most common light intensity applied in a greenhouse from supplemental lamps such as low pressure sodium lamps for purposes of increasing photosynthesis? 4. What duration of combined natural plus supplemental light is commonly used per day for enhancing photosynthesis in crops? At what light intensity during the day are supplemental lamps generally turned off? If one could not afford to provide supplemental lighting for the entire duration of a crop, during which stage of the crop should he or she apply light to receive the greatest final benefit? 9‘5“ Nelson, Questions, pg 1 CHAPTER 11 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Plants sometimes grown at a low light intensity under lights are seedlings. The light intensity needed for this situation is foot candles. What is photoperiodism? Does the critical night length vary for different plant species? Is the photoperiodic response controlled by the light or dark period? The longest day of the year occurs on and the shortest on the day is 12 hours long everywhere on earth. Are the days longer during the summer and shorter during the winter in Canada than in Florida? When is the lighting system generally turned on during the night for establishing short night conditions and why? Describe how one must control daylength to produce a commercial crop of pot Chrysanthemums a) planted in the summer, and b) planted in the winter. A grower planted a crop of poinsettias on schedule. He conducted proper watering, fertilization, pest control, pinching, chemical growth regulatiOn, and temperature control. At Christmas the crop had failed to flower and was still green and healthy. Explain how this could have happened. How could cyclic lighting be used to save electricity for a crop of kalanchoe normally lighted between 10 pm and- 2 am? What happens if long night conditions are not properly maintained after flower buds form? .On and Nelson, Questions, pg 2 ...
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Part1Readings - Questions From the Textbook First Exam...

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