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Unformatted text preview: GREENHOUSE STRUCTURES AND MANAGEMENT EXAM 1 Questions 1. Definitions: Keep your answers clear and concise and related to class material. (30 points) 2. How many square feet are there in one acre? (2 points) 3. I glass is stronger and more resistant to shattering than double strength glass and is sometimes used for part of a greenhouse roof even though it is more expensive. (3 points). 4. Roof slope is important for what three reasons? (6 points) / / 5. What are the major differences between North-South and East-West orientation? (4 points) 6. Circle the correct covering for each comparison. (5 points) longer lasting: acrylic, polycarbonate more flammable: acrylic, polycarbonate higher light transmittance: acrylic, polycarbonate higher cost: acrylic, polycarbonate flexibility: acrylic, polycarbonate 7. The percent space utilization or bench efficiency in a 30 foot by 100 foot greenhouse would be % with four 5-foot wide and 90—foot long benches with two foot aisles, and % for four 6-foot wide and 90—foot long moveable benches. (6 points) 8. Cut roses could be grown outside in Florida and Southern California at lower cost than in greenhouses in the Northern United States and Holland. Why aren’t they? (3 points) 9. m the advantages and disadvantages of single greenhouses versus gutter connected greenhouses. (6 points) 10. Draw a diagram illustrating the difference between high profile and low profile greenhouses. Label the major parts of the structure. (6 points) 11. True and False (10 points) Only the glass greenhouse existed prior to 1950. An East-West orientation lets less light into the greenhouse but a North South orientation has more shadow problems. (Assume ridge and furrow, above 40 degree latitude.) Low profile greenhouse structures are more common in the United States than in The Netherlands. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Polyethylene film containing a radiant—heat screening chemical which blocks about half of the radiant heat transmission keeps the greenhouse cooler. According to the 1989 USDA Floriculture Crop Statistics (included with the syllabus), the ratio of film plastic greenhouse area to glass greenhouse area is about 1:1 in the United States. The heating bill for a double layer film plastic greenhouse is generally to percent less than for a comparable glass greenhouse. (2 points) Air inflated polyethylene film greenhouse coverings can last up to to years. (2 points) The headhouse should be located on the side of the greenhouse to minimize . For greenhouses less than 40,000 square feet, the head house should be about % of the greenhouse area. (3 points) According to Nelson (written in 1985), over half the fresh flowers and about one quarter of all floricultural products are produced in the state of What factors-influenced this development (discuss the production are determinants, but be specific). (6 points) Rank (l=most, 4=least) these 4 covering (glazing) materials in order of: (8 points) Expected Thermal Light Cost per lifetime transmit transmit square ft Polyethylene film Acrylic Polycarbonate Glass Define light intensity, light quality, and light duration, including how each is measured, why it is important and how it is manipulated in the greenhouse. (9 points) Label the parts of the greenhouse structure drawn below and identify the type of structure. (6 points) Structure When a single ridge greenhouse above 40 degrees latitude is oriented east and west, the total light is more / less and the uniformity of light is more / less than when the greenhouse is oriented north and south. (circle the correct word for each case) (3 points) 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. According to the guidelines presented by Nelson in the text book, what size head house, in square feet, would I plan for if I was planning a 3 acre greenhouse? Show your work. (3 points) Light light is defined by footcandles, light by the hours of light. (3 points) by the wavelength, and Use each letter only once to get the best answer. (5 points) a. glass _. expands and contracts with temperature changes and makes noise b. polyfilm __ corrugated and provides diffuse light, "blooms" when ages c. fiberglass _ is the most transparent d. acrylic __ is said to be less flammable then the other structured sheets e. polycarbonate is the least expensive material The percent space utilization or bench efficiency in a 30 foot by 100 foot greenhouse would be % with four, 5-feet wide and 90-feet long benches with 2—feet aisles (4 points) List at least six factors that must be considered when deciding what type of a greenhouse and covering to use for a particular greenhouse plan. (6 points) Draw and label the production area determinant triangle listing the three main factors that influence or determine successful site selection for greenhouse production. Use the concept of the triangle to describe why greenhouse cut flower production went from major population centers to Colorado and California in the 1950’s and then to Columbia, South America. (7 points) Draw a peak frame greenhouse, give the dimensions (length and width) so the greenhouse has 4000 square feet of floor area and a 6:12 roof slope, and label the eave, the ridge, a rafter, a purlin, the gable height, the cave height, and a sash bar. (7 points) Explain in detail considering as many points as you can why a single ridge greenhouse structure is rectangular (long and narrow), as opposed to square for example. (7 points) ...
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