EWS 201 Reflection Paper #2

EWS 201 Reflection Paper #2 - 10/14/05 EWS 201 Humber...

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10/14/05 EWS 201 Humber Reflection Paper Chapter one of “The African American Experience”, titled “Before the Atlantic Crossing”, sets us up for what is to come in chapter two, which is titled “The Transatlantic Trade, the Plantation System, and Black Labor.” What chapter one had to offer, as far as cultural background and history, puts thoughts into my mind that I have never really considered before. I mean, I have pretty much figured that life began in and spread from Africa, but I always have pictures the Egyptians as just a brown, non-African culture until now. Reading about it, it makes sense. I was also a little surprised at how much more the Nubian peoples were involved with Egypt and African overall. The Trans-Saharan trade network surprised me by revealing that there was more to it than trading gum, kola nuts, and ivory with the evidence of African slaves being traded and herded to and fro over 500 years before the white man came to take them to the “new world.” Iron making as a technological advancement was interesting as well, because I
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EWS 201 Reflection Paper #2 - 10/14/05 EWS 201 Humber...

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