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Changes, Possibilities, Prospects Place of Science and Technology in polity: unsettled area o Ulrich Beck Idea of modern society that can make decisions in a rational technical way, this sort of undermines itself because it becomes clear to people that these rational decisions are infused with politics. Beck says that societies are never as rational or technical as they thought they were and it leaves societies wondering. Called “reflexive modernization” So the how to move forward: Depoliticize science? o Increase autonomy of scientific community, police boundary between science and politics and make sure that this boundary is clear.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem is that boundary is completely unclear and nobody agrees on this • Re-balance expert-based and democratic decision making? (guston) o Thinks that there needs to be a rebalancing of expert based knowledge and democratic decision making. • Build new cultures of governance? (Jasanoff) o Build new cultural tools for governing the science and technology relationship o Technologies of hubris – the overconfident Prediction and control o Technologies of humility – counteract the technologies of hubris Frame analysis; vulnerability; distribution; learning...
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