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Unformatted text preview: CEM 383 Honors Option Honors credit in CEM 383 can be earned by submission of an original term paper on a subject related to the course material, macroscopic physical chemistry. Your paper should be based on a scientific publication that has appeared in the literature during the past year. A good source for these articles would be the journals of the American Chemical Society. MSU has an electronic subscription to these journals and papers can be downloaded to any computer connected to MSU’s internet system. The web address for these journals is www.pubs.acs.org . You are not restricted to these journals. The BPS library has several prominent life sciences journals that would also be good sources upon which to base your paper. For topics in energy science, journals in the engineering library may also be of help. Topic areas include: 1. Bioenergetics- respiration 2. Energy Sciences- fuel cell technology 3. Chemical Kinetics – gas phase reaction kinetics, enzyme kinetics, electron transfer reactions...
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