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CSE 471: Media Processing and Multimedia Fall Term 2007 Course Information This course will study the use of media in computer applications. Students will study basic signal and image processing and the manipulation of audio, images, and video content. We will learn how to acquire, process, and organize multimedia information. We’ll also explore the use of a modern multimedia API (DirectX). A quick introduction to interactive 2D gaming and C# will be included in the course. This will include the use of tools and packages as well as creating your own programs to access and process multimedia data. The focus of this class will be on development tools, not authoring tools such as Director or Flash. Objective: Students completing this course are expected to be able to: ¾ Understand the basic mathematics of signal and image manipulation. ¾ Capture, store, process, and present multimedia data. ¾ Understand common media software tools. ¾ Understand the use of a multimedia API Instructor: Charles B. Owen Office: 1138 Engineering Building Phone: 353-6488, 337-0543 (home) Office Hours: 1:00-2:00 MW, and by appointment. I have an open-door policy . Feel free to contact me at any time. TA: Zubin Abraham Schedule: MW 3:00-4:20pm in 1230 Engineering Building Textbooks: No required text. Special Materials: You will need a small set of headphones in the lab or speakers at home. These are identical to what you would use with a Walkman. I would also suggest obtaining an extension cord for these if you use the computer labs; since the lab audio jacks are farther away than you can usually reach. During this course you will be commonly working with media data files, which can be very large and consume you quota. Consider utilizing disks (inexpensive CD-R, for example) for offloading what you don't need to keep on-line. Be sure to back up! Prerequisites: CSE 320 and CSE 331. WWW: Information about the class will be posted at: Angel: This class will be utilizing Angel, the online course management system. This is in addition to the regular class web site, which I will also use. Go to . Privacy: Electronic conversation via email, bulletin boards, or any of the angel features, is different from verbal communication because it retains the identity of the participant. In
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CSE 471 Media Processing and Multimedia Charles B. Owen 2 this course, all participants will have access to a list of names and e-mail addresses of other course participants. Participants in the course will be able to send bulk e-mail to all other participants. It is inappropriate to use the email features of this course to send bulk e-mail to all enrolled in the class, unless this type of activity is for a specific educational objective, e.g., to facilitate collaborative learning within the class. All use of the e-mail function within Blackboard is governed by the "Good Citizenship in Cyberspace" section contained in MSU's Acceptable Use policy
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Syllabus - CSE 471: Media Processing and Multimedia Fall...

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