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Unformatted text preview: 1 Name (PRINT): Spring 2007, CEM252, Quiz 9 (25 Points) Sec. # 1. (8 Points, 2 points each box) Give the correct IUPAC or common name for each of the following compounds. H N a) Cl b) NHCH3 CHO c) H HO HO H OH H H OH CH2OH CHO d) HO H H OH CH2OH 2. (4 points each) Which of the following compounds is the strongest base? H2N H2N H2N H2N O2N Cl H3CO A B C D 2 3. (5 Points) Draw the Haworth formula for b-pyranose of L-glucose (L-bglucopyranose). The structure for D-glucose is given below. Hint: First draw the structure of L-glucose (2 points) and then convert it to bpyranose of L-glucose (3 points). CHO H HO H H OH H OH OH CH2OH D-Glucose 3 4. (8 Points total, 2 points each box) Complete the following chemical transformations by writing the reagents needed in the appropriate boxes. Cl Cl Cl NO2 Cl NH2 Cl N N CH2NH2 CN ...
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